For many years the cables used for sound and vision were regarded merely as an accessory, almost an unreliable irritation. Sometimes they would be incorrectly or impatiently connected in order to make an almost infinite combination of equipment come to life. Little regard was given to the integrity or reliability of these 'wires' provided the sound could be heard or the picture seen.

The education of what the eyes and ears were missing came primarily with the maturing of the hi-fi and home cinema markets. This pioneered the availability of discrete cables supplied separately from the individual equipment. The most fundamental difference in these cables were the copper conductors. By re-heating the copper and extruding it again the crystals elongate to a hexagonal shape thus forming a more uniform pattern and removing spaces or 'oxygen' between crystals. It was then found by increasing the conductor size and replacing the regular tough pitch copper with this oxygen free copper the sound quality improved dramatically.

The availability of such designed and engineered cables outside of the domestic market was unheard of until the Van Damme OFC range was launched some 10 years ago. It took over 3 years of research and development to bring the same definitive technology to a range of semi-industrial audio and video cables.

However, in order for these cables to survive and sustain reliable performance, in some cases under extremely hostile conditions, their construction needed to be as considered and unique as the inner conductors. The tough yet highly flexible PVC/Neoprene composite jackets coupled with outstanding RF rejection and shielding has consequently made Van Damme one of the finest A/V cable ranges available.

Van Damme is the first and only choice for many touring, recording, presentation and broadcast companies. It is confidently being put to use on stages, screens and studios across the world. As technology and equipment change and develop, so does the Van Damme range. Continually driven by customer demand it is imperative that Van Damme maintains its outstanding reputation for quality and sustains its position as the finest audio and video cable range available.

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