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Our team of designers and programmers can supply you with a whole host of solutions to meet your budget. As all work requests vary it is difficult to quote a flat rate for the design and hosting of an Internet site. On this page we have tried to give you a rough idea of pricing, if you would like a full free quotation, without obligation, please complete and send the work request form below:
Internet name search and registration. £15.00
Hosting of site on Internet server - Annual charge. £250.00
Graphic design work including interface design, animation, scanning and origination - Daily rate. £350.00
Programming language work (JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP and Perl), custom database creation (MS Access and MySQL), web enabling databases, creating feedback forms etc. - Daily rate. £450.00
Creation of Portable Document Format (PDF) information - A4 Page rate.
PDF is the preferred format for downloading brochures, price list and product information from the Internet for 'off-line' reading.
The above prices are for guidence only, and do not include VAT. If you would like an Intenet site registered, hosted and designed, discounts may apply.
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