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LONDON, England - June 1999 - Macmillan Software announces the forthcoming UK release of Quake The Offering, Quake II Colossus for the Linux operating system,

the first in a range of 'classic' games due for release on Linux from Macmillan Software this year.

Quake: The Offering
The all-time classic adrenaline packed original, plus two additional mission packs. Rage through 32 single player levels and 6 DeathMatch levels of 3D mindless terror, battling formidable Ogres, Vores and indestructible Schamblers.

Mission Pack: Scourge of Armagon - Blast through 15 monster infested levels single-handed or destroy fellow gamers in the ultimate DeathMatch: 'Edge of Oblivion'. Beware of motion-sensitive mines; blood leeching gremlins and nail-hammering centroids as you battle your way through the forces of evil.

Mission Pack: Dissolution of Eternity - Gather your wits, with a weapons arsenal including lava-nails, multi-grenades and plasma gun against a selection of terrifying creatures including the electric eels, the Almighty Overlord and the terrifying Dragon in 16 single-player levels. Also includes 'Capture the Flag' and DeathMatch levels.

Quake II: Collusus
Featuring the classic Quake II, plus two authorised mission packs: The Reckoning and Ground Zero. More than a sequel, the revised game engine in Quake II comes into its own as you battle through haunting 3D environments with a choice of 55 mission-based levels, 64-player DeathMatch and 'Capture The Flag'.

Mission Pack: The Reckoning - Pillage eighteen levels of industrial-landscape infested with a cast of terrifying enemies. Using your skill and weapons including the ricocheting Ion Ripper, and Phalanx Particle Cannon to burn a path through Gekks and Bots and finally settle the score!

Mission Pack: Ground Zero - The Stalker, Daedalus and Black Widow make an unwelcome return to challenge the most experience 'Quakers'. With 14 single-player and 10 DeathMatch levels (containing unique power-ups) only the best need apply!

Availability, Pricing & System Requirements
Available from end of June, Quake: The Offering at 29.99, Quake II: Colossus at 39.99 inc. VAT.

Quake: The Offering
Pentium 100MHz or equivalent
Linux installation based on 2.0/2.2 or higher
Disk Space min 54Mb for Quake
Disk space min 130Mb Full Installation
Min 16Mb software mode, min 24 Mb GLQuake mode
Double Speed CD-ROM
Quake II requires X11 OpenGL accelerator (3Dfx)
Quake: Colossus
Pentium 166MHz or equivalent
Linux installation based on 2.0/2.4 or higher
Disk Space min 260Mb Quake II
Disk Space min 98Mb for Mission Packs
Min 16Mb software mode, min 24Mb GLQuake
Double-speed CD-Rom
Quake II requires x11 OpenGL acclerator

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