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News Release
July 1st, 2000

V Communications Introduces Partition Commander® 6.0
The easiest, most powerful partitioning product available!
LONDON, England - 1st July 2000 V Communications, a leading developer of software utility products, announced today the release of their newest product, Partition Commander® 6.0.

Partition Commander makes it easy to partition your hard drive. A user can reclaim wasted disk space, organise files, add new operating systems and in may cases speed up drive access. New in Partition Commander 6.0 is the ability to safely resize partitions for all partition types used by Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 DOS and Linux. This is in addition to being able to create, delete, copy and move any OS type partition. Other exclusive features include: our Partition Wizard™ that automates partitioning tasks, BackStep Wizard™ which let's you UNDO multiple prior partitioning tasks, the ability to convert NTFS and compressed NTFS to FAT, and a power-fail self-booting safety disk. Partition Commander runs from both Windows and DOS, and also provides complete operations from an included boot diskette, with the same fully functional mouse-driven UI. Since no CD-ROM or special drivers are needed when running from our partitioning diskette, you can even work on a brand new system!

System Commander® Personal Edition has also been included to seamlessly run multiple OSes on your PC. With our exclusive OSFinder™ technology, existing and newly added Oses are automatically found, identified and added to your OS selection list for you.

According to Jeffrey Hyman, V Communications vice president of marketing, "Partition Commander safely and easily walks the user through the most difficult partitioning tasks with its exclusive wizards. Partition Commander 6.0 is clearly the most powerful partitioning product available"

V Communications is represented in the UK by MediaGold International


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