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News Release
Feb 1st, 2000

V Communications introduces System Commander® 2000
LONDON, England - 1st February 2000 System Commander 2000 (RRP, £49.99 incl.VAT, available April, 1999), a new version of the award winning System Commander product line, the safest and easiest way to add and manage new operating systems, was introduced by V Communications today in the UK. System Commander 2000 has been updated to safely prepare and switch between any operating systems (OSes) including WindowsÒ2000. With System Commander 2000's exclusive OS wizardä, adding a new OS while safely retaining your existing OSes has never been easier.

System Commander 2000 is an extension of the popular System Commander product, which has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. "We worked hard to get System Commander 2000 to market before the release of Windows® 2000," noted Jeffrey W. Hyman, Vice President of Marketing for V Communications. "Current System Commander Deluxe users who upgrade and new customers will not have to worry about upgrading to Windows 2000 safely, and they can retain their existing operating systems as well," concluded Hyman. System Commander 2000 supports all PC compatible operating systems, uses no resident memory, requires only 3MB of hard drive space and converts partitions between different types such as FAT and FAT 32.

System Commander 2000 includes full partitioning, the ability to safely create, resize, move, copy and convert partitions. Added with System Commander 2000 is full support for NTFS in Windows 2000 and Linux partitions. The product also includes an exclusive partition Undo Wizard making it the most powerful operating system manager on the market.

Coinciding with the launch of System Commander 2000, V Communications also announce a reduction in the UK retail prices of their award-winning product lines System Commander Deluxe, Partition Commander and AutoSave. System Commander Deluxe winner of the 19987 PC Plus Best Utility software is the safest and easiest way to add a new operating system to your PC. This revolutionary operating system management suite automatically analyses your system and partitions your hard drive as recovered. System Commander Deluxe SRP is reduced from £49.99 (inc.VAT) to £39.99 (inc.VAT).

Partition Commander makes it easy to partition your hard drive. Reclaim wasted disk space, organize files, run multiple OSes on any size drive! Featuring the Partition Wizard™, and utilising it's exclusive Undo feature, accidentally deleted partitions can be recovered. Partition Commander's SRP is reduced from £39.99 (inc.VAT) to £29.99 (inc.VAT).

AutoSave™ Winner of numerous awards including the PC Guide Best Buy Award, is the revolutionary backup software that you can install and never think about again! Working as an 'invisible friend' where other backup programs leave off, it requires no tapes, no schedules, no effort and no hassles. AutoSave's SRP is reduced from £39.99 (inc.VAT) to £34.99 (inc.VAT).

About V Communications
V Communications markets software utilities designed for the full range of PC users from beginners to experts. Creating solutions for PC users since 1986, V Communications products are widely recognized for their superior quality and reliability. V Communications markets its products worldwide through the retail, VAR and enterprise sales channels. V Communications, Inc. is headquartered at 2290 North First St., Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95131. Phone: 800-648-8266. Fax: 408-965-4014. International: 408-965-4000.Web: www.v-com.com. Email: sales@v-com.com.

V Communications is represented in the UK by MediaGold International


System Commander is a registered trademark of V Communications Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Note to the Editor:
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