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News Release
July 13th, 2000

Turn your hard drive into a CD-ROM drive with Virtual CD
LONDON, England - 13th July 2000 - MediaGold Publishing, a publisher of business utilities and interactive entertainment, today unveiled Virtual CD. This first release from MediaGold Publishing, allows Windows users to run multimedia and other CD-ROM applications directly from the hard disks by creating a 'Virtual Drive' by turning your CD-ROM data into hard disk data and storing it into a container file.

VCD allows PC users to build "virtual images" of CD-ROM discs onto their hard drive negating the need to access a CD-ROM from the CD-ROM drive. VCD can emulate up to 22 CD drives and an unlimited amount of virtual CDs leaving the user without the hassle of swapping around CD-ROMs.

"Whether you're a PC game fanatic or simply want to run business applications from a laptop, Virtual CD will appeal to all the entire PC market, as it can read both audio and data CD-ROMs", said Jo Wood, CEO of MediaGold International. "For the laptop user VCD is a great asset - when out travelling, all CD-ROM applications can be accessed through the Virtual CD drive, leaving the option to carry a spare battery. For the PC user, VCD allows the user to switch between applications at lightning speed, as there is no longer a need for constant loading".

Virtual CD is one of the only CD emulation software to support audio and mixed mode CDs using popular compression formats such as MP3. Virtual CD offers an easy way to record music direct from your hard drive. Virtual CD is also ideal for users looking for greater performance to run CD-ROM applications from notebooks or laptops.

Andrew Goldstein President of MediaGold International commented "Virtual CD is a perfect example of the kind of product that MediaGold Publishing is looking for. Virtual CD offers the consumer tremendous value for money and is unique in its category as a time saving productivity tool".

Availability, Pricing and System Requirements
Available in September. Virtual CD v3 has an SRP of 29.99 inc. VAT.

Virtual CD v3.0: Gamers Edition is Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (minimum 64 Mb RAM), 2000 (minimum 64MB RAM), Pentium II or faster, Minimum 10 MB free hard drive space for installation and Direct Sound compatible sound card,
Optional : Internet Access (to receive CDDB Audio CD Information).

About MediaGold International
MediaGold International manages the development of consumer and business software (and associated products). Working on the behalf of Clients such as Intuit, Prima Books and Macmillan Software, MediaGold International distribute and republish software products on a pan-European and International basis.

About MediaGold Publishing

With offices in Munich, London and Paris, and distribution in every major European country, MediaGold Publishing offers a line of products that provide the consumer with an excellent value at an affordable price. MediaGold Publishing is able to dedicate European wide resources to finding innovative products and then modifying them to meet the needs of the consumers in the individual countries within Europe. MediaGold has taken the maxim "Think global, act local" and made it one of the keypins for success in the Software Publishing division.


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Note to the Editor:
For further information on any Virtual CD 3.0, please contact us