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News Release
July 1st, 2000

Macmillan release Digital Recording Studio II
LONDON, England - 1st July 2000 - Macmillan announces the second release of a versatile and user-friendly audio suite, which provides the digital recording and management tools you will need to create high quality music CDs. Digital CD Recording Studio II offers the same comprehensive recording, restoration and file management features of the previous release, with the addition of valuable new features.

Forrester Research predicts that digital music downloads will become a $1.1 billion business by 2003, and Macmillan's software suite allows users to produce, archive, and manage digital music simply. The Digital CD Recording Studio II supports SCSI, EIDE, CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW devices, along with equalisation, compilation and cross fade functions, CDDB database support, and CD-text formatting technology. CD-RW erase capabilities allow you to re-use your writable CD. Seamless integration of Sure Thing* Starter Edition CD Label Software and playlist printing provides jewel case insert printing formats, as well.

Record music from analogue or digital sources using CD-RW Disk-at-Once Write support* quality sound for CD audio recording. Links to CDDB automatically seek out and download CD titles, playlists, and artist information. With its built in editing features, you can remove pops, clicks, hissing or wideband noise using state-of-the-art restoration tools.

Complete with a straight forward multimedia tutorial and a printed "Getting Started" guide, Digital CD Recording Studio II is a plug-and-play music software tool for all of your music needs, right out of the box.

Availability Pricing & System Requirements
Digital CD Recording Studio will be available at your local software retailer and mail order store from the end of July at a suggested retail price of £49.99 inc. VAT

486 DX2 processor or better
SVGA or higher resolution monitor
Windows 95/98/NT® 4.0
1.2 GB disk space
2 x CD-ROM Drive
SCSI or EIDE CD-R or CD-RW drive w/ DAO (for CD writing)

About Macmillan Computer Publishing
Macmillan Computer Publishing (MCP) is the world's largest computer book publisher and the third largest publisher of operating systems. As one of the industry's leading innovators in both print and digital formats. Macmillan's book imprints include QUE, Sams, Hayden, Lycos Press, Alpha, BradyGAMES Strategy Guides, Complete Idiot Guides and Waite Group Press. Macmillan's digital divisions include Macmillan Software and Inform IT. Macmillan Software is an operating unit of Pearson Education, the world's leading education publisher.

Macmillan Software are represented in the UK by MediaGold (UK) Limited

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