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News Release
April 1st, 2000

Turn your PC into the most powerful component of your stereo
LONDON, England - 1st April 2000 Macmillan Software announces the UK release of MusicMatch™ Jukebox Deluxe 5.0 the personal jukebox that will allow you to digitally record and MP3-encode tracks from any digital source or the world wide web.

The successor to version 5.0 includes an array of new features including 40% faster encoding and access to thousands of online stations with Net Radio. With MusicMatch™Jukebox Deluxe you can keep your entire music collection on your PC, by recording tracks from your CD-ROM, stereo cassette, vinyl or radio.

Product Components - Combining an MP3 Encoder and Player, CD Player and integrated CD ripper, MusicMatch™ Jukebox Deluxe 5.0 offers the same quality features as the previous release, plus 40% faster encoding, the ability to record MP3's to both audio and visual file format's and access to thousands of online stations with Net Radio.

  • Create personal customised CD's by recording MP3's directly to CD-R or CD-RW.
  • Save time converting WAV files to MP3 files using the Fraunhofer Encoder that is 40% faster (now increased to 320kps)
  • Supports video .asf format - playback news, stock reports and music videos.
  • MusicMatch™ Net Radio - Find your local radio station by sorting through format, country or city. Access thousands of online radio stations - Core, Heart, Virgin, Ministry of Sound and Independent Radio News.
  • Use the Music Library Database to sort by preference, genre, mood, artist, track and title. Sort preference by genre, mood, artist, track and title.
  • Locate songs in the Library immediately using the keyboard search function.
  • Advanced recording capabilities feature fade control, volume normalisation, stereo and clipping.
  • Import album art, lyrics, bios and notes by copying and pasting from your clipboard.
  • Recordings from cassette, vinyl or microphone with line-in recording
  • Supports multi format files including MP3, WAV, Windows Media Audio and MP2 formats.
  • Choose from a number of themes to customise your interface.
  • One hundred free songs from spinrecords.com, epitonic.com, and Rolling Stone.com
About Music Match Jukebox
Music Match Jukebox is the world's first personal jukebox software. It lets users build extensive collections of CD-quality digital music downloaded from the Internet and recorded from music CD's, vinyl and cassette tapes. MusicMatch Jukebox lets users organise all of their tracks in a digital music database on their PC, create custom play lists and play them on their PC, create custom play lists and play them on their PC in CD quality. MusicMatch Jukebox is one of the world's most popular audio software programs, downloaded by close to one million people each month, and is the most popular jukebox downloaded on CNET. MusicMatch Jukebox is currently being bundled with the Diamond Rio and Creative NOMAD portable MP3 players.

About Music Match, Inc
Music Match, Inc. develops digital audio software that lets people take control over how they listen to their music. The company's popular "MusicMatch Jukebox" software turns a PC into a powerful component of a user's system, and is the world's number-one selling MP3 software program. The MusicMatch web site (www.musicmatch.com) is one of the world's 50 most popular web sites, and contains one of the finest collections of downloadable music from independent artists on the Internet. The company has 50 employees, was incorporated in February 1997, and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. MusicMatch is 20% owned by Thomson MultimediaNC.Together with Fraunhofer IIS, Thomson was the co-developer of the MP3 technology and ranks #1 in the U.S. and #4 in Europe in sales of consumer electronics.

Availability Pricing & System Requirements

Pentium 166 MHz processor or better
Min 32Mb RAM
SVGA Monitor
CDR optical for recording CD's
Windows 95/98/2000/NT® 4.0
Min 15 MB Hard Drive space
4 x CD-ROM Drive
Soundblaster compatible sound card

About Macmillan Computer Publishing
Macmillan Computer Publishing (MCP) is the world's largest computer book publisher and one of the industry's leading innovators in both print and digital formats. MCP's book imprints include QUE, Sams and BradyGAMES. MCP's digital divisions include Macmillan Software and Macmillan Online. Macmillan Computer Publishing is an operating unit of Pearson plc.

Macmillan Software is represented in the UK by MediaGold (UK) Limited

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