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News Release
June 8th, 2000

IMSI releases TurboCAD v6.5 - The Affordable 2D / 3D CAD Solution
The comprehensive CAD, easy-to-use CAD tool.
LONDON, England - 8th June 2000 Following the tradition of great products at affordable prices, IMSI today unveiled TurboCAD 6.5, setting a new standard for quality, functionality, and affordability in the computer aided design software market.

Powered by Spatial Technology®'s ACIS 5.3 solid modelling kernel, Lightworks® photo-realistic rendering, VBA technology to automate tasks, IMSI's own integrated web browser and Internet palette, TurboCAD 6.5 Professional has broken new ground in the sub-£500 CAD market.

TurboCAD 6.5 Standard has comprehensive 2D/3D modeling tools, and advanced rendering software, making it the essential low cost package for architects and engineers. Version 6.5 introduces impressive features such as intelligent walls, which snap together to close gaps. Delete a window, and the remaining hole 'heals' automatically! LightWorks ™ RayTrace technology brings ambient, directional, and spot lighting to designs, enhancing renders with reflections and soft shadows. LightWorks ™ also includes Gourad, Flat and Phong shading options to further improve the finished render. TurboCAD 6.5 Standard comes with 12,000 CAD symbols, 1000 house plans and 30 sample drawings to demonstrate the endless possibilities of the software. AutoCad 2000 compatibility also gives users access to millions of images and designs on the Internet.

TurboCAD 6.5 Professional with ACIS solid modeling technology, makes advanced 3D design available for a truly affordable price. Dynamic, linked windows mean that any changes made to the wireframe model are automatically made to the render, keeping you in complete control of your design. LightWorks Radiosity adds flair to each render whilst the materials Editor lets you create a realistic surface from common materials like brick, glass, metals or plastics, or even imported images, adding greater realism to your projects. With these materials and lighting features, TurboCAD professional helps you develop architectural renderings and 3D models that are incredibly photo-realistic.

Building upon the hundreds of powerful drawing, editing and viewing tools that earned TurboCAD v5 a prestigious PC Magazine U.K. Editor's Choice Award, TurboCAD 6.5 features an array of new enhancements that allow users to create highly precise CAD drawings with speed, accuracy and ease.

Availability Pricing & System Requirements
Available in July, TurboCAD 6.5 Professional will be available at an RRP of £249.99 inc.VAT, and Standard will be available at £99.99 (inc. VAT).

486 Processor
Windows® 95/98/NT 4.0
8 Mb of RAM
Pentium Processor
Windows® 95/98/NT 4.0
64 Mb RAM, 55mb Hard Drive Space

About IMSI Founded in 1982, IMSI (International Microcomputer Software, Inc.) (NASDAQ: IMSI) is a developer and publisher of precision and graphics design software and web sites. Headquartered in Novato. The company produces and sells software in 11 languages and in more than 60 countries worldwide, and has web sites receiving more than three million visitors monthly.

IMSI is republished in the UK by MediaGold International

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