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Zanshin Karate Dojo

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Minakami Zanshin Karate Dojo offers an ongoing three week beginners' programme that demonstrates and teaches the fundamental stances, punches, kicks, blocks and strikes that underpin training and also the basic principles and philosophies that are adhered to. Classes for advanced students are also ongoing, which include sessions devoted to developing sound basic form, Kata and strong Kumite. Sessions are set aside for ancillary training, which includes circuits for developing local muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness, flexibility work, resistance training, pressure testing and bag and pad work for improvement of body dynamics and kinaesthetic power transfer in all techniques.

All these sessions build not only components of physical fitness but also cultivate discipline, attention, awareness, self-confidence, character development and the respect of oneself and others in all participants. This program is suitable for children over 5 years of age, and ladies and men of all abilities. Our sessions, clinics, workshops and seminars are based upon years of research and empirical evidence that have been discovered and learnt from a variety of sources.