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Beginner Information

Minakami Zanshin Karate Dojo offers an ongoing three week beginners' programme that demonstrates and teaches the fundamental stances, punches, kicks, blocks and strikes that underpin training and also the basic principles and philosophies that are adhered to. The price of this introductory course is only £10 and students have no obligation to become members of Minakami ZKD.

We do not encourage visitors to watch classes but would rather they take up our introductory three- week beginners' course to see if the classes suit them. Karate classes can be frustratingly boring to watch but extremely fun to participate in. Beginner courses run for three weeks and attempt to teach the new Karateka fundamental stances, strikes, blocks, kicks and punches, these only cost £10 for both adults and children alike. This is an inexpensive alternative to enrolling only to find out a few weeks later that the classes were not what you had expected.

Beginner's should not eat or drink for at least an hour prior to class. Sometimes, classes can become quite intense; students may feel feint or nauseous as a result. Go at a pace you are comfortable with, the beginners classes should be enjoyable and comfortable definatly not painful. Beginners will have someone show all they need to know. Please bring some water and a small towel for mid-class breaks. Please wear tracksuit bottoms and a loose, comfortable (and old) tee shirt. There are separate men's and women's changing rooms and shower facilities.

For parents wishing to enrol their children into the junior program, please prepare the following items: water, towel, fruit snacks and a change of clothing. Please be punctual when picking up your children because when class finishes, as no one will be around to look after your child after the session is finished.

Children should be at least 5 years old and all beginners must arrive 15 minutes early for induction and enrolment.