Kentwell is proud to welcome you to one of its unique Re-Creations of everyday Tudor life in this great manor house. At certain times, throughout the year, Kentwell is inhabited by up to 250 men, women and children who live, act, dress and speak as authentically as possible in the manner of the chosen year from the 16th Century.

Come face-to-face with the 'original' Clopton household - gentry, musicians, farmworkers, pages, alchemists, dairymaids, cooks, herbalists, jesters, spinners, blacksmiths, bakers, potters, vagabonds and travelling players. Drink-in the sounds, sights and smells of Tudor England and wander freely amongst the characters, who are going about their business, but who will always be happy to converse with you about the events and activities of their 16th Century day.

Kentwell's historical Re-Creations are a unique, enjoyable, educational and highly memorable experience for all the family.

At the Great Annual Re-Creation in June/July a time tunnel will be erected, beyond which everything is Tudor with around 250 participants. For other Re-Creations there is no time tunnel, and Tudor activities are smaller in scale with significantly less Tudor characters and some parts of the house and grounds remain open as normal. For all Re-Creations we wear the costumes - you don't.

On Saturday August 7th and Sunday August 8th 1999 Kentwell will be re-creating 4 special era's, from the medieval to the 1940's

Visitors be able to see:

The Tudors
Kentwell's Re-Creation of Tudor Life at Lammas.

Medieval England
In an area quite remote from the Tudor activities there will be a medieval household set up.

The American Civil War
A Re-Creation of the period of the American Civil War. This may include some elements of the Civil War itself as well as American life of the times.

The 1940s
The farm area will be given over entirely to a 1940's Re-Creation covering both civil, military and farming activeties of the time. As well as all sorts of dress of the period there will be a wealth of 1940s equipment.


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