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Multi - period Re-Creations at Kentwell Hall, Saturday August 7th and Sunday August 8th 1999

Kentwell Hall the lovely moated Tudor mansion in Suffolk has, up to now been known for its Re-Creations of Tudor Life, for which it is acknowledged World wide as being a leader.

In addition, Kentwell has twice put in 1940s Re-Creations.

"First, there was our very successful Re-Creation of VE day in 1995", says Patric Phillips of Kentwell, "which was the biggest event of its type in Europe, during the 50th anniversary celebrations year. Secondly, we did a small Landgirls on the Farm Re-Creation earlier this year."

The difference about the weekend will be the fact that for the first time Kentwell will have several different periods being re-created at the same time. "In the past we have resolutely refused to do multi-period events," said Patrick Phillips, "preferring to concentrate on one period at a time. However, Kentwell is big enough to allow us to do a number of periods without any encroaching on each other. So those who want to see just the Tudors can see all the things they normally would see and could ignore all else. This is an experiment to see whether or not the idea adds anything to seeing a single period re-created."

In the past Kentwell Hall's owners, Patrick and Judith Phillips, have committed themselves to holding only single period re-creations at a time, but now, for the first time, multi-period events have been considered, planned and are going to be put to the test in a trial run in August, the weekend of Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th. The reason for this change is that it has been decided that Kentwell Hall is large enough to put several re-creations on at a time, without one of them running in to the other, so the people who came to see the Tudors could see the Tudors, the people who wanted to see the 1940s being re-created could, without getting mixed up with how the Tudors used to live.

So what will visitors be able to see over that weekend?


First, there will be Kentwell's usual Re-Creation of Tudor Life at Lammas. Lammas which falls at the beginning of August, was when folk used to celebrate bread from the first grains of harvest. There will also be the regular Longbow shooting competition.

"We shall be set in the year 1520, after the interview between Fraoncois of France and Henry VIII which came to be Known as The Field of the Cloth of Gold. We hope to have first hand reports from people who were there."


Then in an area quite remote from the Tudor activities there will be set up a medieval household.

"Some people confuse the medieval with the Tudor period. Yet the Tudor period lasted 125 and most people attribute the medieval period to the 200 years before that. That is a total of over 300 years and takes us from to-day back to the late 17th C.", explained Patrick Phillips, "But the pace of change was very much slower in those days. Visitors might find it interesting to compare and contrast these two eras."

American Civil War

In a third area well away from the first two there will be a Re-Creation of the period of the American Civil War. This may include some elements of the Civil War itself as well as American life of the times.

"One of the advantages of Re-Creations is that one can try to re-create other cultures as well as other times. We tend to concentrate on reviving aspects of Kentwells colourful history but in areas away from the buildings we can put on apparently alien Re-Creations without there being any contradiction."

The 1940's

Finally, the farm area will be given over entirely to a 1940's Re-Creation covering both civil, military and farming activities of the time. As well as all sorts of dress of the period there will be a wealth of 1940s equipment.

"We have found that there is a great nostalgia for the period. Perhaps because anyone over 60 will remember it well," says Patrick Phillips, "Times were undoubtedly tough but many saw that hardship as one of its benefits creating much more inter - dependant communities. It was a time when people naturally spoke to strangers on trains. After all, during the War no-one never knew if that might be their last conversation ever."

House & Gardens Open

As well as the Re-Creations the House & Gardens will remain open to visit as usual.

Kentwell's Multi Period Re-Creations will take place on Saturday August 7th and Sunday August 8th only from 11am to 5pm


Adults 6.50

Children 4.40

OAPs 5.10

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